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Giving Opportunities

Each year as school begins, there is an uncertainty that the Gabriel's House kids will meet in the exact location. It is an ongoing and ever-growing issue: a space to call our own.  


Gabriel's House started in homes near each elementary school that churches purchased. Each church maintained the home and all the associated expenses, and Gabriel's House loved on the children. 


Due to space constraints, only 12 children in grades 1-3rd were initially eligible per house. While the churches provided a warm, cozy atmosphere, Gabriel's House created an environment of love and learning after school. 


Over time as church dynamics changed and church leadership shifted focus, money became tighter. There needed to be more certainty about whether the same locations would continue for each passing school year.


A local family inherited the land allotment through the Chickasaw Nation, which was considered a sacred inheritance for several generations. Gabriel's House Foundation feels honored that they agreed to sell the land to us.

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Bonnie feels a “spiritual connection” when she walks this land. As a bonus, the Elk Crossing Nursing Home and Rehabilitation is intuitively intended to be a part of the life of the children of Gabriel's House and is walkable from the new site.

The Gabriel's House forever home will be  945 W. Elk Ave, located centrally in our community and is highly visible. 

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